Case Studies

What would your team do with 400 spare hours?

Our case study on how Blue Sky Homes saved 13% in materials costs and purchased 10x faster by using Bundle to support their procurement process.

By Bundle - Dec 06, 2022
Case Studies

What would your team do with 400 spare hours?

Our case study on how Blue Sky Homes saved 13% in materials costs and purchased 10x faster by using Bundle to support their procurement process.

As we approach one year since the launch of Bundle’s inaugural purchasing tool, we have a lot to be excited about. First, we are thrilled to have recently launched the second version of the Bundle platform, including new features such as product discovery, budgeting and a fully interactive bill of materials. Second, we are energized by the countless hours and dollars our customers have saved by using Bundle.

We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Blue Sky Homes, a ‘Smart and Green’ real estate development company based in Phoenix, Arizona, for much of the past year. Blue Sky specializes in designing and building stylish, energy-efficient, technologically integrated homes. When we met the Blue Sky team, their purchasing process looked like that of many homebuilders today, though they saw the opportunity for a solution to streamline their procurement.

Before Bundle

Like many homebuilders, Blue Sky previously utilized phone calls, emails and numerous spreadsheets to gather product pricing, lead-times and availability data for the products they needed to order. They handled payments differently with every vendor, and faced endless phone calls and emails when construction schedules changed and they needed to communicate with all of their vendors about deliveries and tracking. Though this work was mostly handled by a purchasing professional, the process was time-consuming and manual. Other team members (such as designers) would often jump in to help, though this would detract from their main responsibilities and could slow projects down.

Enter Bundle

Blue Sky Homes first tested Bundle by ordering a few products for a single family residential project. Seeing how easy the process was and how helpful it was to view live product data in one place, they soon added an entire finish package that included kitchen / bathroom fixtures, appliances, lighting, flooring, tile, countertops, windows and doors, and more. Today, the Blue Sky team manages procurement for all of their projects on Bundle.

On Bundle, the Blue Sky team has access to an interactive BOM where they can add and manage all of their products from planning through delivery. They receive real-time pricing and lead-times from manufacturers and vendors and get notified when they need to purchase items based on their construction schedules. Blue Sky only needs to pay Bundle, simplifying their accounting while Bundle handles payments with vendors. Order statuses are continuously updated until products are delivered to the jobsite or other locations for storage.

The Result

Using one of Blue Sky’s recent projects, we did a deep dive into their purchasing data to better understand the dollars and hours saved by using Bundle. After crunching the numbers, we discovered that the Blue Sky team saved nearly 400 hours and completed purchasing ten times faster than if they ran a traditional procurement process. Their team can now complete projects more efficiently and work on more projects at once to grow their business.

We know that time equals money, but Blue Sky saved more than just time. With Bundle, Blue Sky optimized when and where they purchased to stay within their project budget. While ordering is a balance between price, lead-time, sustainability attributes and vendor quality of service, Blue Sky was able to save an average of 13% per product by tapping into Bundle’s supplier network.

We are privileged to work with Blue Sky on their beautiful and technologically-integrated homes, and look forward to saving more time and money for Blue Sky Homes and our other builders.

If you think your procurement team may benefit from time to spare, feel free to sign up for a demo to learn more about Bundle here.

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